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OC Abuse - General Forum Rules Empty OC Abuse - General Forum Rules

Post  Kisrah on Sun 22 Apr 2012, 12:31

These are the general rules of OC Abuse. Other boards may have their own set of rules, so be sure to check those out before posting.

These rules apply to the whole of the site unless otherwise stated by the rules for individual boards.

Show respect to all members.

Disagreements are always a possibility within forums. Don't let things turn nasty. Either sort it out civilly, or walk away. Do not be abusive towards staff or regular members.

Do not encourage or otherwise promote participation in illegal activities.

Sensible discussion of such subjects (such as talking about crime in the news) is fine, but please do not promote or instruct others in criminal activity.


Swearing is allowed, but do not overdo it or direct it at other users to cause offence.

Make sure your posts are clear and easy to read.

Avoid frequent use of chatspeak, overuse of capital letters (ALL CAPS, Starting Every Word With A Capital, StIcKy CapS) and run on sentences.

Even if you are not confident with spelling and grammar there are simple ways to make your posts easy to read. Try sticking with simple punctuation, such as using a full stop/period to break up sentences, and also breaking up your text with paragraphs.

Please do not alter the default colour or size of fonts (except for decoration of "opening posts" for hangouts, art dump threads, etc.) as this may make text hard to read for some users. Most browsers have an option to resize text on a website, if you need to make it easier to read for yourself.

Don't go off-topic.

Stick to the topic set by the person who started the thread. A little off-topic chat is fine, but derailing the thread completely is not.

If you need help, or simply want to discuss something else, start your own thread.

Double posting.

Double posting once in a while is okay, but try not to make a habit of it. If you need to add something to a topic and no one has posted after you, edit your last post instead.

Posting multiple times in a row to create a hangout, RP thread, gallery, etc. is fine.

Adult/Explicit Content.

Gore, nudity and pornography are not allowed and sharing of explicit images, videos or links may result in an immediate ban.

Writers: If you wish to share work that deals with sensitive subjects, please post it off-site and link to it with adequate content warnings.

Illegal Downloads.

Users may not share links to or name sites which provide illegal music, TV/movie, game, software or book downloads. This includes emulators and ROMs and any programmes created for the purpose of hacking, spamming or scamming.

Sharing Images.

When hotlinking images (using the IMG BBCode to display images in posts) please ensure they do not stretch the board width. A maximum width of 500px is recommended. Please link to anything larger.

Animated images are allowed, but for the consideration of any users who have adverse responses to them please do not display animations with rapid blinking or flashing images in your posts. You may link to them and provide a warning so that people who should not view them will know to avoid viewing the image.

Images must not violate the rules regarding adult content.

Avatars and Signatures

You may add an avatar and signature to your account from your profile.

Forumotion sets size limits for avatars. Please check them before uploading. If you are unable to successfully update your avatar, it may be too large.

For signatures we ask that you only use ONE image at a maximum size of 500 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. Excessively tall signatures (including text and images) will have to be altered. You will be asked to make the necessary changes yourself so that you have the chance to save the code, but staff may clear signatures of any user failing to comply with these rules.

For the comfort and safety of all users avatars and signature images must be static. No animated images please. Additionally, avatar and signature images may not contain explicit content. Avatars and signatures may be cleared by staff immediately if they do not comply with these rules.

Personal Information

For your own safety and the safety of others, please do not post personal information (such as real address and phone number) where other users or guests can see it. Such information will be removed if discovered, but forum staff cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise as a result of posting such information on our boards.

This list is subject to change at any time. In the event of a review of the rules, members will be informed by way of a news post.
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